XC Scoring

How does one score cross-country meets? Let’s start with an example. Take these results from the 2021 Central League Champs:

1Ethan FingerhutHaverford Township HS
2Patrick LawsonHaverford Township HS
3Sarem KhanLower Merion
4Alexander BullardLower Merion
5Gavin MogckPenncrest
6Simon SchmiederLower Merion
7Quentin RyanHaverford Township HS
8Andrew GannonLower Merion
9Leo PerlsteinHarriton
10Michael ColavitoGarnet Valley
11Michael BaumgardnerConestoga
12Ryle MellingerGarnet Valley
13Benjamin EntStrath Haven
14David LitvinLower Merion
15Owen ShortHarriton

Each team is scored based on the place of their first 5 runners. Lower Merion was the 1st place team with a score of 3+4+6+8+14, or 35.

What happens if two teams end up with the same score? In this case, the 6th place runner of each team is added to the score, and that new score is used to determine which team gets the higher placing. If there is a tie using the 6th place runner of each team, the 7th place runners are scored.