Coach Thea Carey

Volunteer Coach – High Jump

High Jump was an event I wanted to try since watching Dwight Stones at the 1976 Olympics. Fortunately for me, in my freshman year of high school, they decided to allow the girls to compete in track and field for the first time. So of course I wanted to try the high jump. I was awful, really awful, I couldn’t jump over 3 feet. But I still really wanted to high jump.

My coaches asked me to try a different event, which I did, but I always came back to high jump at the end of practice. After a few weeks, I finally started getting the hang of it.

By the end of my freshman year, I had qualified for districts. At districts, I was fortunate to make the state championship meet. Each year I continued to improve and qualify for districts and states. My sophomore year was a lesson in resilience as I had qualified for the state championships, but an unfortunate accident in gym class left me unable to compete just 3 days before the state meet. This set back was enough for me to step up my training in my junior and senior years. I won the district and state championships both my junior and senior year. My senior year, I set the state record which still stands today. I was also selected as a high school All American both my junior and senior year.

College selection was next. I decided to go to a small college – Mount St. Mary’s University. I continued my high jumping success in college by qualifying for nationals in all four of my years in college. In my sophomore year, I won the Division III National Championships. My junior year, I was 3rd at the Division II National Championships and my senior year, I was 2nd at the Division II National Championships. I was selected to be an All American for my sophomore, junior and senior years. I continue to coach the sport I love. I truly enjoy working with the students. Seeing the enthusiasm and talent these students have brings me joy.