Running Shoe Care

1. Store Them Like a Chocolate Bar

Don’t leave them in a hot car. This dries up, shrinks, and hardens the midsole, which reduces the durability and cushioning.

Betsy Hughes, co-owner of Track Shack of Orlando.

Keep shoes away from heat or direct sunlight.

2. Give Them Space

Shoes can break down when you’re not running. Don’t stack them under your boots or other heavy shoes.

Claire Wood, global performance manager for New Balance

Don’t wear them to school or when playing other sports. The uppers are pliable and crushing them wears them down.

Only use running shoes for running. Running shoes are built for straight-line movement. When the shoe is subject to jumping and/or quick changes of direction, the sides will fail and rip open.

3. The Best Way to Dry

Wet shoes that air-dry on their own tend to stink. In addition to helping dry your shoes quickly, stuffing newspaper tight into the toe box helps retain the shape of the shoe. After the first 10 minutes the paper will have soaked up as much water/sweat as it can, so switch it out with another batch, and leave it.

Jena Winger, footwear and product line manager for Brooks

Dry wet or sweaty shoes by stuffing them with newspaper after removing the insoles.

4. Always Untie

Unlace your shoes to take them off, rather than using your foot to kick them off. And retie them when you put them on. This prevents the heel cup from getting crushed and losing support.

Claire Wood, global performance manager for New Balance